Misconceptions That Are Causing You To Fail

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When we start, we do not think about the negative possibilities of an end result. However, when things get bleak, most people lose the motivation to go on and give up on their venture sooner than later.

Several hurdles come in the way, but the most common one is in the form of misconceptions people believe, which eventually causes them to fail.

To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, Third Coast has put together a list of the most common misconceptions that are causing you to fail.

1. Openness to hearing new alternatives

Customers’ biggest mistake in our industry is the openness to hear of new alternatives. Customers and just people, in general, tend to get stuck in habits and routines when in reality, bigger and better things may exist. However, even though this may be a reality, it is up to us to approach customers in a manner to look past their accustomed ways and see the use of new products and services.

2. Having wrong notions of success

One of the biggest mistakes in our industry, or any industry, is what success is supposed to look like. Society has fantasized about what success looks like with social media and the digital world, making it seem glamorous with the yachts and money, but the absence of the work. The reality is it’s supposed to be hard. You are supposed to question it. You’re supposed to want to quit at times. That is what creates success.

3. Trying to reinvent the wheel

There is a reason our industry is so thriving already. It is not because we are trying some foreign concept every time. It is because we are doing the same old thing we have been doing for years with tweaks and adjustments. Creativity and change can be good, but we are looking for adaptation.

4. Determining success in individual efforts

People think that individual success determines how successful one will be. You may be successful with individual results, but that does not mean success for your team or your life. This quote is relevant, “An army of people will always triumph over one.” No matter how talented and unique an individual may be, a team of 10 who are all average will triumph. The goal of a business should be different from how well you can perform and how well you can teach others to perform.

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