How Third Coast Has Adapted Through The Pandemic

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As most businesses ended up hitting the brakes on a lot of work with markets moving slower than usual, national lockdowns, and people staying indoors instead of coming out, the economy slowed down significantly. 

We have had to adapt and pivot within the way we were marketing ourselves. We moved from a more event style approach to a one on one customer acquisitions style so that we could follow the rules and maintain social distancing. We are quite impressed by the fact that we could not only come through for our customers, keeping them safely out of stores but also offer our water delivery service right to their doors. We have also been able to give many people career opportunities, especially those who potentially lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

We were unable to continue our event style promotions within stores to keep people safe, so we adapted and started with a new client and a new approach.

While we had to pivot in the way we handled our business, we also had to make changes to how we were communicating internally and among clients. We were abiding by all of the CDC guidelines within our meetings and team nights. Furthermore, hosting meetings, and interviews on Zoom was a new experience, but we had to get used to it.

While most people were working remotely through the pandemic, this was not a change we adapted to with ease. We are currently managing with a little bit of both working from home and visiting the office. We are working from the office space while conducting specific tasks virtually. Like most people working jobs involving interactions between people, we are so used to face to face interaction that during the quarantine, the biggest challenge was not seeing each other daily, especially as we are such a family knit organization.

We try to work with small groups of people so we can maintain safety while also following all the rules put together by the Government. Along with masks, hand sanitizer, and taking everyone's temperature every day, we make sure that people maintain the right amount of social distance as well. We disinfect all surfaces that are likely to be touched by most people, before and after each meeting. We make sure the teams avoid handshakes as well.

As we shut for some time at the beginning of the pandemic, we made sure we meet and work the same number of hours that we used to, pre-pandemic. We are open to meeting people as well and having meetings in person, as long as people follow the guidelines put down, according to the CDC. However, if we have to handle these alls with our clients, remotely, we use Zoom. We are open to taking part in virtual public events and business Expos as well.

The pandemic was a time where we had a choice. To make the most out of the situation and rise above, or fall victim to our circumstances. Our hearts go out to all small and large businesses that closed due to the pandemic. We are blessed to have adapted and continue working toward our goals. We have seen the leaders of our company come through for our team and community. We stand proud that instead of just getting through the pandemic, we found the positives with it and have grown even more.

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