Five Things To Look Forward To In The Coming Year

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While 2020 may have been fraught with challenges, at Third Coast, we were fortunate enough to see some positive outcomes. That doesn’t mean that the year was trouble-free for us. To overcome our challenges, we had to pivot in our approach and change our core client portfolio, which has been the best thing that has happened for our company’s growth. Our team has stepped up in so many different ways as well. This has made us stronger now than we were twelve months ago!

The two most agreeable changes for our business were:

a. The alteration of our event style approach to a more direct approach. Doing this has increased our client’s customer acquisition by over 40%.

b. The growth in our new hires helped us make up 30% of all Nestle’s water delivery business.

We are acquiring over three hundred customers for them per week, which is generating a profit of $93,000 for the client.

Besides our clients, our staff has benefited significantly as well. With faster growth within the office, people are moving up quickly to management positions. By securing more advanced jobs, they can earn more and flourish quicker in their careers.

As you can see, 2020 encouraged us to embrace change and do what’s necessary to propel our business forward. On account of this, we are motivated to quadruple our growth in 2021. Within the next twelve months, there will be at least eight to ten promotions to expand Third Coast to new branches and territories. As this happens, we expect to see the following changes.

1. Continuous career advancement
We expect to see more of our employees moving from an entry-level position into an executive branch management position. With our client doing a lot of the heavy lifting with inventory and logistics, we are able to focus 100% on the growth of our people. Before the pandemic, it would take someone an average of twelve to sixteen months to graduate from our MIT program. Now It has been cut down to six to eight months. Additionally, as we keep expanding, our clients will lead to incremental growth to their bottom line without adding any effort on their end.

2. Expansion into different strategies
In the coming months, we will potentially be bringing back our event style promotions. We expect this to help us expand into Fortune 500 companies.

3. Expansion to new markets and territories
We don’t want to pigeon hole ourselves into just the Houston market. We have up and coming branch managers that are excited to expand to Denver, Tampa, Los Angeles, and Nashville. By expanding our service reach, we can offer our clients and staff better prospects.

4. Opening up new locations in Houston
While a lot of our branch managers are excited to travel to new cities and states across the US, there is a handful that wants to focus on expanding the Houston market as well. We are looking at operating four to five branches in the area, which meets their requirements and again increases our clients’ bottom line.

5. More philanthropy
Knowing that our mission statement is “leave people better than when we found them,” our clients can feel confident that we are not only 100% committed to making their company better but the community as well. To prove this right and do our part, we plan to do more charity this year and help our community thrive.

For more information about our goals for the future, reach out to Third Coast. We are a marketing firm in Houston, Texas. We apply the latest direct marketing techniques to help the brands we represent reach new levels of success. We shape ourselves around customers and are fueled by our ambition to get sustainable market growth for our clients’ brands and businesses. We also have a well-structured program in place to produce innovative and smart marketers.

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