Making A Difference In Leadership Development

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Leadership is an integral part of running a business. But, when that business specializes in marketing, leadership qualities are all the more essential. At Third Coast, we prioritize leadership development at every level among our staff as it encourages them to motivate themselves and work harder. It further helps them excel towards management positions and better career prospects.

With a dedicated focus on leadership in the last few months, we managed to achieve so much. For starters, we tripled our sales goals for our core portfolio client. We are looking to apply the same techniques we did for this client with others as well to boost their sales.

Promoting leadership qualities among our staff had also led to the promotion of two individuals to branch management positions in our company. We were even able to expand our business into Tampa, Florida, and double our administrative team growth and production.

Our approach to doing business is appreciated by our clients as they get the results they are after. Our employees also like how we do things as they are given the opportunity to excel and lead the company. Similarly, they are challenged in new ways with every project so that they learn and grow.

Here is some of the positive feedback we’ve recently received from our employees about our work environment:

1. The challenge we should want!
A current employee in an account manager role recently reviewed us saying. “I have been working at Third Coast Events full-time for more than a year. You are going to grow with this position. [The work ] is fast-paced [here and requires] hard work that will get you from point A to point B. They make sure that everyone has a good understanding of this before starting up. Management is always available, and the CEO of the company goes out of her way to help in any way she can.”

2. Fun workplace, challenging and promises growth
Another one of our account managers in Houston, TX, wrote, “I’ve been with this company for just a few weeks- and have already learned a TON, and on top of that [I] have received a promotion. Not only is everyone so supportive and friendly, even management helps all the time. Plus, the culture is great. I love the team culture. There [are] bi-weekly team nights, and they throw cool Christmas parties. [I] love this team, and [I’m] excited to stay with this company and grow. [The pros of working with them include] competitions, bonuses, and incentives.”

3. Great fit for sports-minded individuals or self-motivators!
Another account manager of ours in Houston, TX, says, “[I recommend them as a great workplace. They have a positive outlook on everything, and the CEO, is very helpful and encouraging.] I have been working at Third Coast Events full-time for less than a year. [They offer up a] GREAT team environment for people that used to or currently play sports. It reminded me of my old teams, and it feels like home for me. The bosses don’t micromanage you or hang over your shoulder, so if you’re someone that is self-motivated [this company] honestly a really good fit. Management is ALWAYS there for extra coaching and really wants you to get to the next level. They help with a lot of personal things too, like time and money management, which was something extremely useful that I didn’t even learn in school.”

As you can see, we are focused on our growth and the growth of our employees as well. To promote their development, we challenge them with new opportunities and tasks regularly. We even offer them training sessions when we see potential or feel like they could flourish with some guidance.

Apart from looking out for our employees and their development, we also do our best to aid our community. On a regular basis, we donate towards efforts that focus on eradicating poverty and homelessness. Our staff likes to volunteer at the Houston Food Bank to serve those in need. We even contribute to the Lack of Adult Supervision and Involvement initiatives. Another one of our community-conscious efforts is towards the restoration of our precious environment.

We are proud of what we have accomplished in the last few months but also understand that we still have a ton of work to do to surpass our clients’ expectations and provide more opportunities to our representatives and community.

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