The Future Of Third Coast

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During this unprecedented time, we at Third Coast have been pushing ourselves to ensure that we reach new heights and are able to take our employees and clients soaring high with respect to sales and marketing. We train and coach our people thoroughly by connecting new marketing associates with experienced managers. Because of our unparalleled coaching system, every single employee in our firm continues to take our clients and us to the next level. From our perspective, due to the amount of work we put on our employees, we are now looking at a future in our company where we can expand and take in new employees while giving current ones a promotion and additional responsibilities. Any step in this direction will only be beneficial to us, our employees, and our clients.

Given the current trends and the progression of our business, we are looking forward to two significant changes in the coming months. We have explained them in this blog as we discuss the future of Third Coast.

1. Expansion through promotions
As we expand and see our employees pushing themselves, we are happy to say that it’s very likely that our company will promote at least ten managers this year with our client, AT&T. With more managers in place, we will be able to expand across Houston and the southeast regions. We expect these new managers to help us take our business to new heights and assist the client to achieve their goals as well.

We also see our employees benefiting as they will progress in their careers, receive new opportunities and exposure. Additionally, more people in the company will have the chance to better themselves.

2. Quick promotions
We train and coach our employees thoroughly and make sure all our people hone the skills needed for professional growth. We contribute to the belief that leading others means mastering all-important roles and responsibilities. We believe that if you are determined and committed, there is nothing that can stop you from receiving a quick promotion. Our hard-working and loyal employee Chan Park will be promoted to manager within six months of joining. He is a true example of the progress we are looking for, and we are happy to reward his efforts with a promotion.

We believe that quickly promoting employees will help our clients expand their footprint as all our staff will ensure that they keep pushing themselves in a positive way. Quick and well-deserved promotions will also encourage everyone to put in as much effort as their colleagues being promoted.

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