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Dana Iverson


Born and raised in Colorado, Dana has always been determined to succeed. Dana has always been motivated and was very active in sports growing up, and ended up receiving a full, 4-year scholarship for Basketball in Phoenix, Arizona. Dana graduated with a degree in graphic design and film production. After graduation, Dana lived in many different places as she found herself in Los Angeles, California where her marketing and sales career first began.

In 2014, Dana founded Third Coast Events in Houston, Texas. According to Dana, “I decided to move to Houston to start my own business for many reasons. Houston was the best environment for an entrepreneur to start a business for the first time. Houston is an amazing city with lots of growth opportunities for entrepreneurs. There is always something to do in Houston and I knew it was a place I could call home; I just had to get used to the humidity.”

Initially, Third Coast Events had 3 clients but quickly grew to 16 clients within the first year of its operation. Now in our sixth year of operations, Third Coast Events is primarily focused on the expansion of our business. After speaking with mentors and coaches from around the country, Dana has learned new training and expansion techniques. When individuals join the team at entry-level, he or she is paid to be in training and ultimately has the opportunity to be an executive of one of our branches throughout the country.

Within the six years of business, Third Coast Events has opened over 15 new branches; two in New Orleans, two in Orlando one in Jacksonville, one in Seattle, and eight in Houston. Dana is proud of the growth potential that has existed and is always looking for solid business partners who are motivated to go through hands-on training. Her goals are big, with wanting to have 50+ branch management promotions within the next 5-7 years.

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    • Missy Berney


    Born and raised in Kennewick Washington, Missy always would strive for excellence as she received her bachelor’s degree in communication with a minor in diversity at the University of Washington. During her junior year, Missy started boxing at an amateur and collegiate level. Placing third at nationals her senior year, Missy attributes a lot of her success in business to what she learned in boxing. Perseverance, grit, tenacity, and discipline all engrained in her character as she progressed in her career with Third Coast. Missy moved to Houston TX in 2018 where quickly she was promoted into a Branch Management position after generating over 4 million dollars in revenue for the company. Her goals are to expand with our current client into the California market.

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    • Taylor Wallace

    Branch Manager

    Being from the small town of Corinth Mississippi, Taylor had his eyes set on hitting his goals from a very young age. Always a fan of watching and playing sports, Taylor got a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Tennessee. His love for business and leadership development shifted his focus when he moved to Houston, Texas in 2016, when he started growing with Third Coast. He quickly grew into a leadership position and in a short time was promoted to an Executive Branch Manager. His passion hasn’t changed with wanting to help people hit their goals. Focusing on new clients and expanding the company, Taylor has been a huge part of the success of Third Coast Events.

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    • Destiny Suobite


    Destiny Suobite is an Executive Branch Manager with well over $2.6 million in sales in the last 28 months. Destiny has earned a reputation in talent acquisition, employee retention and skill development, and has led teams to start up four branches across the southern region. A strong believer in attacking critical tasks with a warrior’s mentality.

    Destiny enjoys a good motorcycle ride on long country roads but can also be found at the studio with his saxophone

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    • Erika Williams

    Admin / HR Director

    Born and Raised in Houston TX, Erika got her degree in Psychology with a minor in Marketing and Human Resources. As the HR Director for Third Coast, Erika plays a huge role in the growth of the company. Training over 10 plus people for other branches in the administrative role, Erika loves her position because of all of the mentorship she has been a part of. In 2019 she received an award for administrator of the year and wants to help open up 50 more branches a long side the managers. She is a mother to three beautiful children and her hobbies include reading, volunteering, and horseback riding.

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    • Lorenzo Zeno

    Lorenzo was born in Chesapeake, Virginia but after relocating, raised in Houston. He majored in chemical engineering backed with 6+ years of experience in oil refineries. For hobbies he likes to play video games, watch anime, paintball, and spend whatever valuable time with family and friends. He is excited to grow into an executive position with Third Coast, and his goals are to expand the market.

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    • Sierra Wiseman

    Sierra Wiseman is a former collegiate athlete who believes hard work and tenacity are what truly set people apart in this business. With the goal of positivity impacting others, she puts her best foot forward everyday ready to take on any changes that may arise.

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    • Robert Batkins

    Robert Batkins is a graduate of Sam Houston state university who never saw himself working in marketing and sales. He is originally from San Antonio but decided Houston was where his future would take place. After joining the Executive Regional Management training program, he has seen the truth of how this opportunity is a fast track to true success.

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    • Christopher Soria

    Chris is from Houston TX. Working at Third Coast has been an amazing experience for growth. I look forward everyday coming in and being surrounded by great leaders and mentors. Growth is the goal and I want to pass on knowledge, and lead others to success.

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    • Rose Garcia

    Rose is from Houston Texas and attended Houston Community College. She enjoys painting and weightlifting. Every day she learns more in this program, and her hopes are to solidify her skill set, become a leader, and teach others to grow.

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    • Richard McCullough

    Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Richard became a Paralympic swimmer in his Senior year in high school. He lived at the Olympics training center for a year then changed gears to help people and became a massage therapist. Richard’s goals are to grow not only professionally with Third Coast, but also on a personal level.

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    • Richard Deubler

    Campaign Manager

    Richard Deubler was born and raised in Florida. He joined the Navy and served as a Hospital Corpsman. Upon getting out of the Navy he became a firefighter/paramedic. He moved to Texas in 2008 and successfully ran a corporate convenience store for 11 years. He then joined Third Coast Events in October 2019, with the goal of running and operating his own business. He now is a campaign manager with goals of, not only bettering his self, but to also help others in making a better lifestyle both professionally and personally.